HVAC Services in Winnipeg

Heating, air conditioning, plumbing and indoor air quality services

At A & B Mechanical we offer HVAC services, maintenance, and installation of all makes and models of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and air quality products. We service the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Our decades of industry experience and customer loyalty speaks to the importance we place in providing our customers with the highest standard of services, products and support.


Hot water heating, hydronic infloor heating, steam heating, hot water and steam boiler replacements and all gas fired appliances. For equipment that exceeds 400,000BTU's we have designated "A" gas fitters. We have a vast experience for all types of heating systems from roof-top units to gas fired boilers.

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning is a challenge these days with new refrigerants, new rules and regulations and advanced refrigeration/cooling equipment.

Our technicians are constantly upgrading their training and troubleshooting to meet these new challenges. We work with all major manufacturers and wholesalers to provide the best services possible.

Gas fitting

Natural gas and propane piping installations are both governed through regulations set forth by The Canadian Gas Code. We have gas fitters that have both the "A" and "B" designated gas fitter licenses that allow us to install, repair and service gas appliance up to and beyond 400,000BTU's.


Manitoba has one of the toughest plumbing regulations in Canada. We have over 30 years' experience in commercial, residential and institutional plumbing fields.

We are a licensed mechanical/plumbing contractor in the Province of Manitoba and we also have plumbing certification in Ontario. From large residential to multi-storey apartment buildings, we offer a complete plumbing installation package.

Design build

We have extensive experience in design build projects from $10,000.00 to $1,000,000.00. We have successfully completed mechanical projects from redevelopments of office spaces, aircraft hangers, fitness centers, dog kennels, restaurants and large residential projects. All projects are reviewed with the customer with the ultimate goal of meeting the budget and providing a completed workable mechanical system.

Commercial HVAC replacement, repairs and maintenance

Our experienced professionals install, service and maintain commercial HVAC systems that are cost efficient and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

We provide commercial air conditioning and heating services for businesses and buildings of all sizes.

Fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning

A & B Mechanical makes sure that our HVAC system are designed for optimum performance by ensuring all components from fabrication to commissioning meets desired specifications and requirements of designers, contractors, manufacturers and our customers.

We also install and service Mitsubishi Equipment.

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